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Video Production Company in Singapore

Ready to tell stories as memorable as a flying horse?
So are we.

We are an acclaimed video production and animation company specialising in story-driven media solutions to turn ideas from concept to visual reality.  

We strive to help your stories, brand or products stand out through creative narrative concepts pieced together by visual specialists showcasing kick-ass cinematography, motion graphics, quality 2D and 3D animation. 

As one of Singapore’s specialised film company, we take pride in achieving the results you desire.

When crafting a video project with Zeetrope, we will walk with you as partners through every step of the production process – from brainstorming ideas for content creation to impeccable film production, videography and last but not least, outstanding post-production quality. Our finishing touches are sure to make your work stand out from the crowd.

What can you accomplish with the visual medium?

There’s always a certain melancholy in knowing that most things are impermanent. Ideas, creations, even our very beings-- they are all subject to passing, and soon after they are gone, they can be easily forgotten.

That’s why we as a species are compelled to take records of our deeds. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors have been painting their memories onto cave walls as reminders of their time. And we have been developing and refining our techniques until our capabilities of storytelling and visualising is as remarkable as it is today.

Film and Video

Over a hundred years after film was created as a medium to tell stories and messages to people, it’s still going as strong as ever. It’s a timeless art and a highly useful one at that, and it’s created niches in society that can’t quite be filled by any other medium before it. To date, global revenues of films dance to the tune of billions of dollars. The most famous of these films can rake in millions at the box office. They can become cultural milestones that linger in the collective memory of people for decades. What future landmarks can films and cinematography accomplish? Only time can tell. As a medium, it is but a young new arrival that we are all waiting to see blossom.

And it’s only just beginning. Film has evolved into many different branches and other mediums of entertainment, ushering in a new era of self-expression in the form of film and video. Cinema has brought us a new method to enjoy music, a new way to rebrand ourselves and our businesses as creators, methods to market our products and services, showcase our lives, tell stories, document events, conduct interviews and entertain ourselves.

Who we are

That’s what we stand for. Zeetrope, a video production and animation company in Singapore, is proud to carry on the traditions of film, like carrying on and discerning messages to audiences, and captivating them in the sense that only video and film can do. At Zeetrope, we help your dreams turn into reality-- a symbol that is perfectly encapsulated in our golden pegasus logo. The visual medium allows your imaginations to take flight and soar you to new heights.

The name of our company, “Zeetrope” is derived from the word zoetrope, which is a word used for an invention borne out of the movement of animation and film. It’s a device that gives the illusion of movement consisting of a rotating, slitted drum, that, when used, presents a series of illustrations or pictures in quick succession. It was key in furthering animation and represents how far we’ve come in evolving the film landscape.

What we do

Here in Singapore, you’d want film production companies that can highlight the uniqueness of the Singaporean perspective and really manage to help you in reaching out to local audiences. Every film, photo, and video you make will be useless if you do not know how to cater to your audience’s perspective.

Zeetrope is a recognized name in video production and animation in Singapore. If you want a story-driven, creative perspective for your media solutions, we’re the ones you can count on. We are an acclaimed studio that can turn your ideas and spin them in ways that will make your visuals pop.

Want to tell a story, market your brand, products, or services, or disseminate messages that stand out? Our visual specialists will weave creative narrative concepts that showcase stellar cinematography, motion graphics, 2D or 3D animation, drone videography and more, tied up with tight storytelling and organization. We’re one of the few specialised companies in Singapore that you can rely on to deliver amazing results.

How we can help

Start crafting a video project with us and gain a partner that will help you through every step of the production process, from brainstorming ideas for content creation to impeccable film production and last but not least, outstanding post-production quality. Our finishing touches are sure to make your work stand out from the crowd.

Zeetrope comprises a diverse, talented team that’s flexible enough to adapt to your project’s requirements. As one of Singapore’s leading TVC production houses, we are constantly challenging ourselves and tailoring our approach for each brief we receive. Embracing novel ideas, we combine unorthodox creativity with extensive experience in production to offer a variety of video services ranging from commercial to documentaries to music videos and even social media content. For every request, be rest assured that our professional team of creators at Zeetrope will produce works that go the distance.

A diverse collective of video specialists

We’re an experienced one-stop-shop for producing videos large and small.

Content Creation Singapore

Content Creation

Whether fleshing out a concept or bringing a brief to life, we’ll work with you from board to bells and whistles. Are you a content producer seeking collaborators? Talk to us.

Filming Production

Film Production

An experienced crew and the latest in video production technology. We strive for the best possible film quality, no matter how elaborate the setup.

Film Company Editing And Animation Singapore

Editing & Animation

A post-production suite filled with talented editors and motion graphics artists, with facilities ready for projects of any scale.

Animation Company Finishing Touches Singapore

Finishing Touches

The difference between a good idea and a great film. Our in-house team refines both colours and audio, turning your video into its best possible self.