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Through the beginning of the corporate video production, it is essential and always our priority to fully understand what our client needs in terms of their marketing requirements, allocated budget and content objectives. We will then do a comprehensive research on relevant industry specifications relating to the client and utilise our creative knowledge to propose the most foremost solution in terms of narrative possibilities and approach with the visual execution. Our key approach is to provide clients with our experienced producers and creatives to guide them through the production process and find the solutions and treatments that are perfect for their needs.

We always believe that an extensive amount of pre-preparation would lead to an eminent outcome for both filming and post-production. This is how we ensure that the foremost ingredients to creating a great visual narrative content are well prepared and to ensure that production value is cap consistent from the start to end process in terms of workflow. Before production begins, we will analyse the content requirements and assemble the most suitable head of departments that have the most relevant experience and skill sets from our pool of craftsmen. Including, producers, film director, cinematographer, art director to the post team. The corporate video production journey begins with working closely with our client in terms of conceptualising, scripting and storyboarding. Our film directors will present proposed visual treatment and technical approaches, elaborating on how they envision the end product. While our producing team dive into other key and fun elements of pre-production which are; location scouting, talent casting, set design, production planning and logistics management.

To achieve the most desirable outcome and visual magic with the content, we marry both the latest technologies with filming production and a collective of specialists in corporate videography who have vast experience and the utmost skill sets to make enchanting visuals happen. We’ll put together the specific equipment and logistics needed to film just the way we envision it, along with art direction and set design. We populate our sets with a comprehensive crew, taking care of every detail you can think of. Our bag of tricks includes everything from mirrorless cameras to the cinematic Arri Alexa or even 12k Resolution cameras, plus a wide array of lights and peripherals for different needs and situations. Also not leaving out visuals from the aerial perspective with drone videography. Being experienced and adaptive through the immense types of production we have rendered gives us the knowledge and confidence in taking on different types of production. From lifestyle home set, studio set built, green screen filming both locally and remotely in various countries, to rural rice paddy fields and documentary filming at the peak of an icy mountain.

With all the ingredients ready, the cooking begins. This is where the story starts to take shape in the cutting room, in a collaborative process between editors, animators, directors, agencies and clients. Our studio workstations are running in Adobe CC suite environment and each computer is connected to a high speed network storage where all the media assets are stored centrally, ideal for corporate videography. This ensures maximum collaboration and continuity within the team. We also have a colour grading room for review sessions with clients. It’s equipped with Blackmagic Design software and hardware solutions, professional and broadcast monitors to ensure accurate and high end delivery for both broadcast and digital platforms. Having such capabilities in-house also means that our response to clients’ needs can be swift and seamless throughout the pipelines of the post production phase. We have also implemented realtime remote editing sessions for our reviews with clients for times where physical meetings are not possible.

We give as much spotlight to our photography as our corporate videography. In stills, it is definitely more than meets the eye when a simple static image is actually put together by a collective of creative directions and technical efforts. From the involvement of the photographer with the eye and knowledge to compose the image, the presentation of the art direction or set to the support of a team of technical crew with vast experience to render the best tech and solutions for the photography production. Thus, not leaving out any single detail with the image and colour through our post-digital imaging.

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