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The Final Lap

Film type: Documentary 
Synopsis: Singapore’s only power boat racer in recent years, met with a damaging accident during a race but is determined not to let this unfortunate race be his last.

A journey in everything that we do, consists of perseverance, goals to achieve and obstacles that might even put an early end to our course. Many of us would choose the easy way out and move on with our lives, but some of us would do whatever it takes to complete the journey that we started. This short documentary film, is a true life narrative of a dear friend of mine Laurence Wong Seong. Who got into a severe crash accident, while representing Team Singapore in a F1 powerboat race. For a period of his life, after encountering a life threatening accident and not finishing the race. He lived with both a long term injury and a mental block due to the possibility of not having the chance to ever race again. But he decided to free himself from all the pain as well as dilemmas and when on to race to complete his life’s pilgrimage. 

Many thanks to the team, Max Lee, Ponsi Alfonso, Kuang Zi Ling, Ryan Tan, Lexi Lee. My sincere gratitude to Laurence, for sharing his story with us and having the chance to capture this important milestone of an athlete. What you did and do, will always inspire the people around you, keep up the fighting spirit bro! 

Heres to more narrative content ahead! Cheers! 

Catch the FULL documentary film on Viddsee: https://www.viddsee.com/video/the-final-lap/c521d

Article written by: Gabriel Victor Lin

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