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Date Published 2022-4-1

Why Storytelling In Corporate Videos Is A Powerful Tool For Businesses

Businesses tend to look for a video production company in Singapore to produce corporate videos for them so as to market a new product or service, create brand awareness or reach more clients. 

There are also many different types of corporate videos, ranging from product demonstrations to 

testimonials, but video storytelling as a means to meet objectives set by the company is often overlooked. This is perhaps due to the misconception that nobody wants to watch a video longer than 30 seconds. 

Contrary to popular belief, video storytelling (albeit in a longer format) is a great way to set your company apart from the competition and here is why. 

1. Viewers will be more receptive to information presented

It can be tempting to try and include as much information as possible in your corporate video in the form of text but this will not do much for your company. 

In fact, viewers tend to retain 95% of the information when they watch it in a video as compared to 10% when reading it in text. This means that using stories to convey information when it comes to corporate video production will be more effective than overwhelming your viewers with chunks of text on the screen. 

A tip is to only include relevant information that is in line with the story and make sure the storyline is engaging to keep viewers interested. 

2. Puts your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds

Creating a corporate video with a compelling or heartwarming storyline is an impactful way to put your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds as videos that elicit strong emotions from viewers tend to cut through the clutter and are usually the most remembered.  

Strong brand recognition has many benefits such as building higher customer loyalty, increasing word-of-mouth and improving sales. 

While it can be challenging to come up with a storyline that has everything you need, try consulting a video production company in Singapore to help you with the conceptualisation since they are the experts. 

screenshot of storytelling corporate video production in singapore

3. Boosts engagement levels

Ever seen a tear jerking video advertisement and want to send it to your family and friends immediately after? That is because a positive emotional response from watching a video encourages viewers to share it, helping your brand to reach more people. 

Apart from shareability, posting the video on social media platforms also create room for discussions – allowing more people to find out about your brand. 

Now that you understand more about the importance of storytelling in corporate videos, here are some tips that will help to make it a success: 

  • Two minutes is the sweet spot for video storytelling
  • Always include a call to action (website, number to call etc.) at the end of your video
  • Stick to your brand colours as much as possible
  • Make use of the basic elements of storytelling (characters, plot, conflict and resolution)

If your business is ready to go on a journey of coming up with a video storytelling corporate video, get in touch with us here at Zeetrope. We provide video production services in Singapore ranging from motion to animation. 

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