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Date Published 2021-11-24

Why Are Infographics Invaluable In Videos & Content?

Looking to market your business, a new product or service? Then hiring an animation company in Singapore to produce an infographic video for your company may just be the key to making the campaign a success.

An infographic video is a visual representation of data using images and words to make dull information easier to digest. It allows the target audience to follow effortlessly and is a good way for companies to make their intended call to action clear. 

But the million-dollar question is: How will an infographic video help your business?

1. Attracts and engages your target audience

It is safe to say that videos have been and are still one of the most popular marketing tools, thanks to their combination of visuals, audio and movements that help to make everything look so much more interesting. Your company’s target audience will be more likely to click into your video if it contains colourful and inviting images, succinct text and easy-to-read font. 

For instance, if your company is planning to introduce a new recipe, an infographic video that acts as a step-by-step tutorial will be more engaging and effective as compared to long chunks of text in a written recipe. 

2. Simplifies communication and concepts

Think about this scenario: Your company wants to introduce a new concept or service but because it is so fresh and not as widely known yet, not many people understand how it really works. Instead of long forms of text posted onto your company’s website, consider hiring an infographic video production company to solve this woe. 

Infographic videos simplify communication with the use of visuals and concise text, successfully allowing the explanation of concepts in a creative manner that will not bore your company’s target audience. When your target audience’s brains are not bombarded with too many words that are hard to understand, they will be more receptive to comprehend what your company is trying to establish. This, in turn, translates into more customers which also means a higher profit.

Infographic videos simplify communication

3. Makes it shareable

The main goal of most businesses is to attract as many potential customers as possible, and what better way to do so than to make content that is shareable to reach a wider audience? While people do share posts with long chunks of content, the reality is that videos are highly engaging and will probably earn you more shares. 

In a survey done by HubSpot, 53% of their respondents stated that they want to see more video content in the future. Consumer behaviour has changed over the years and more people are attracted to moving images and animations, which is why videos are more popular and tend to be shared more as compared to text or static images. 

If your company is still hesitating about integrating infographic videos into its marketing strategy due to the lack of manpower or expertise, consider Zeetrope, an animation company in Singapore. Our team of talented individuals are committed to helping business achieve their goals and are constantly challenging themselves to think out of the box for every brief we receive. Contact us to find out more. 

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