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Date Published 2022-1-28

6 Benefits Of Utilising Drone Videography For Your Business

Looking to enhance your corporate or marketing videos in a unique way? Then drone videography may just be the answer. 

Known for being able to capture high-quality and stunning footage, drone videography has been a trending option for businesses. 

Here are some benefits of utilising drone videography in Singapore for your business that will convince you to give it a try. 

1. Stunning aerial footage

Make your corporate or marketing videos stand out from the crowd with drone videography which will provide your business with stunning aerial footage to help capture the attention of viewers effortlessly. 

This bird’s eye point of view is a sight to behold and is especially great for businesses looking to get what went down at a large event on camera or to showcase infrastructure, and even dynamic fast-moving aerial shots of a car moving through the roads.

screenshot of aerial footage drone videography in singapore

2. High-definition footage

Some common misconceptions many have about drone videography is that the quality of the footage will appear to be subpar, due to the camera’s small frame and volatile control system.

Contrary to popular belief, drones can produce high-quality and high-definition footage too. Advance in technology has also enabled functions such as 3-axis stabilisation and 6K resolution so that quality is never compromised – your business will be able to achieve a movie-like end product like no other!

3. Cost-effective option

Capturing mind-blowing aerial footage does not mean having to burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, drone videography is a cost-effective option because long gone are the days when hiring a helicopter and a licensed pilot is the only way to get an aerial perspective.

Even companies with a smaller budget will be able to achieve a one-of-a-kind video with the right video production house that is well-versed in drone videography.

screenshot of aerial footage at an event corporate videography singapore

4. Minimal disturbances

Drone videography is not just a high tech way of filming but it is also able to do so with minimal disturbances – perfect if your business is planning to use it for formal or large-scale events. 

As it functions with little to no noise, drones can be used for situations of any kind that require hardly any disruptions.

5. For location spotting

Apart from helping your business to achieve breathtaking footage, drones can also be used for location spotting if there is a need to find the most ideal location that would enable the most scenic backgrounds to be captured or even hosting an…

a place to host an event such as product launches.

Getting an aerial view with drone videography is an efficient way to improve processes, as better mapping and planning can be done with the footage, along with allowing discussion and approval with the relevant stakeholders without having to actually head down to the location.

Controlling a Drone Camera For Location Spotting

6. Easy to set up

Drone videography equipment is designed to be compact and easier to set up as compared to requiring a helicopter, pilot and other relevant behind-the-scenes people to make aerial footage a reality.

However, it is always recommended to hire a video production house that is trained and licensed with operating a drone to get everything running and well-planned to achieve the best result.

Reach out to Zeetrope if your business is considering drone videography. We are a video production house in Singapore with a team of talented individuals that are equipped with all the know-how on drone videography. 

We also offer a plethora of other services like corporate videography and commercial filming. 
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